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Almost done!

We are almost there...going to look at it for a few days before I sign it .save the date: August 5th, opening reception for my work: 5 to 7:30, Main Street Gallery Lakeport. come have a glass of wine: 325 north Main St., Lakeport.

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What inspires me

When doing a still life, try to reference the real thing: the details that you notice will truly amaze you ! Here's an interesting tidbit to ponder: Edouard Manet, 19th century Impressionist painter noted ( and I paraphrase): "that 80% of painting is done without a brush." think of all the time that you have to decide which brush, which color, what brush stroke and you can see how this is indeed true. If you don't work on your art every day, at least look at it, stay in touch with your inspiration!

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We're on to the oil phase

So as you can see the left panel is now being painted with the water miscible oils: colors are richer, more brilliant - if you haven't tried these yet, they really are a great alternative to conventional oils, no turpentine needed!

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On to the oil phase

So we're done with the acrylic paints; a tip: I don't use acrylic white when painting- I use heavy bodied white gesso, which is acrylic based after all. It ads a lot of volume to your base colors. Also have a " dabble board" to test your colors before you but them up in your canvas : colors look different on your palette - so it's good to check first and make any adjustments that you may need .

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