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The tale of Two Boots and the Flu


So the flu doesn't sneak up on you like a cold-no it pounces and wraps you in its soggy embrace! So I'm still trying to do my barn chores, going to feed the goats-and I think that if it hasn't been so wet and windy and if I hadn't been so weak, maby this wouldn't have happened...Licorice bumps into me and SPLAT! I'm in the mud on my back like a turtle, 6 inches of water and who knows what( !!) and I have my rain coat on but as I was laying there it occurred to me that to get up, yes, I had to turn over, and that meant that my front was going to get all wet...and yes once on my knees I had to put my hands in the yuck to get up....the goats didn't care, they just wanted their dinner! I went back to bed after that!